River Guardians


A flash of water, a stream of bubbles and there they are



A flash of water, a stream of bubbles and there they are. A pair of otters chase each other through shimmering water – the guardians of the river.

The elusive otter. Numbers have fallen across Wales, most alarmingly on my local river the Teifi. But you can still spot them if you know where to look.

Artistic expression and the beauty of nature combine here in this long curve of freestanding glass in every shade of blue. The river ripples are delicate swirls of blue bubbles, some just an elegant line of single bubbles floating in the glass. They are created by the careful addition of copper oxide between the sheets of glass.

In the sunlight the whole panel shimmers and sparkles. Sit it on a sunny windowsill to fully appreciate it, and then light it from behind when evening falls. It’s a real statement piece – a memory of a special walk, maybe?

38cms across

15.5cms tall at its tallest point

6cms deep

Price includes first class UK delivery – please get in touch for delivery outside of the UK.