Glass Landscapes & Jewellery

Glass landscapes & jewellery from Carmarthenshire

Colourful and bespoke fused glass created in a hillside studio in west Wales.

You can visit this hideaway studio, or discover other wonderful venues that sell my work.

My studio is open by appointment through the year but I thought I would have some spontaneous open days each week. If I’m working in the studio you can just drop in if you’re passing and you see the ‘OPEN’ sign is out at the bottom of the track – I know many people prefer to do this. I plan to post the days at the beginning of each week, updating social media and my website. If you’re interested make sure you’re following me, and keep your eyes open! If there are no open days advertised, give me a ring.

Find out about me and the processes I use and take a look at previous pieces especially helpful if you might be looking to commission a piece.

This year I have decided to run my webshop a bit differently.

Instead of having a selection of work on the site all the time, I’m going to upload a series of brand new pieces every month or so. Keep your eye on my facebook and instagram to be the first to know of the next shop restock.

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